Payment policy

Services are billed at the beginning of each session unless your insurer or employer has preconfirmed alternate arrangements. Most extended health benefits plans provide limited coverage for a Psychologist's services. There may be deductibles or co-payments for which you could be responsible. You may wish to confirm your coverage with your insurance provider in advance. Receipts are provided at each session, which you can then submit to your insurer for reimbursement.


Payment Options:

  • Cash/cheque or email money transfer

  • Visa/Mastercard

  • Direct billing is available for Alberta Blue Cross extended health benefits

Direct Billing To:
Direct Billing Psychologist
Fee Schedule as Recommended by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta

Fee Schedule (Based upon a 50 minute hour)


                                                  Individual Therapy or Assessment                      $200

                                                  Couple/Family Therapy or Assessment              $200

                                                  Group Therapy (per person per hour)                $60


                                                  Corporate Services    Half day                              $900

                                                                                          Full day                               $1800


Billing occurs in 10 minute increments for services done outside the therapy hour such as phone calls, letters etc.

Services by appointment only

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