Whether you are struggling with a psychological matter, the challenges of day-to-day life, or simply require an unbiased and supportive listener to assist you to achieve your own sense of clarity, Jake will provide sincere and professional assistance, or connect you to another professional associate. 

You can be assured – there is a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.

Counselling Services
Assessment Services
Group Therapy Program

Individual, and group counselling is available for daily life struggles, and for mental health matters. Dr. Tremblay typically works with individuals 18 yrs of age and up.

Some of the daily life struggles 

include: self-esteem & shyness, relationship difficulties, stress, mood and behavioural problems, 

creating changes, workplace matters, and more.

Some of the mental health matters include: PTSD & life traumas, depression, social & generalized anxiety, panic, and OCD.

Psychological assessment services are available for the following situations:


  • Pre-employment Suitability Assessment

  • Fitness To Work

  • Medical/Legal Assessments

  • Independent Psychological (IME)

Workplace Services

A range of employer services are available including:

  • psychological fitness for work assessments (IMEs)

  • pre-employment suitability assessments

  • employee and family counselling

  • return-to-work support

Group therapy programming may be available for your needs on a variety of topics and may be developmed upon request. Please call to discuss.

Psychological Consults

Please call if you wish to inquire about booking any service.

In-person or Telephone 

Consultations are available for for booking.

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